Here are a few pictures of VW's I no longer own.

Hazel was a 1978 Westfalia. I bought her for $500 *kind of* running. She made lots of noise from in the motor. I pulled the motor, tore it apart and found NOTHING wrong. The noise was just a bunch of dead hydraulic lifters. I was new to the Type 4 motor at the time, so I kinda overlooked the obvious signs of the problem. I ended up selling her to pay for my 1978 Double Cab:

This DC was from El Salvador, and trickled down through several owners until I purchased it. I built up a motor using a new case, new P&C's, and hydraulic lifters and camshaft. I had planned to fuel inject the motor, so I bought an entire FI system for it. But it wasn't meant to be, and I sold the motor and bus off to different folks. The guy that bought the DC used a donor bus we bought (see below) and stripped all the running gear from it and drove it around for a couple months. It ended up being sold to Ron Salmon from the Bus Depot.

The donor bus was a 1977 Champaign Edition with automatic transmission. We bought it for $200 not running. After towing it back to my backyard, we spent a few hours on it and got it running. We drove it around and put about 10 miles on it, parked it, and started tearing it apart. We called this bus the "Stinky Bus", because the PO had stored garbage in it, not just junk, but like garbage from his kitchen. It was horrendous! We stripped anything off of it that we could, and then Brian had a friend cut the front clip off to be put on the 78 double cab. Brian sold the DC because he found a 68 DC that was in good shape and didn't need all the work the 78 did.

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Last revised: February 21, 2000.

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