This car sold on 01/07/2000.


This spot is dedicated to my 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI. I bought this car in August, 1999. It was just way too clean to pass up, *and* the A/C worked good, which was pretty much a requirement for a car in Houston, Texas. The sweetest thing about this GTI is that it is BONE STOCK. It doesn't look like anyone has done any "way rad mods" to her. The engine compartment looks like it should, and is super clean. This is one GTI that has had a nice life and has been treated right.

The previous owner had her for about a year, and had taken steps to restore her to her former glory: He replaced the dash, had the non-working speedometer rebuilt and had the front seats recovered in original material. He also put new Pirelli's on the stock GTI wheels. When he had purchased the car, it needed a new transmission, so he found and installed the correct, close-ratio transmission. The only major problem that he never got around to fixing was the "gas tank problem". Seems like some old Rabbits have a pickup tube that falls off inside the gas tank, with stalling *only* when taking a right being the symptom. I could only drive about 50 miles before the problem was VERY annoying, and sometimes dangerous (like pulling out in front of traffic and forgetting the stalling problem). I was discouraged by the price from the dealer for a new tank ($540) and asked the newsgroup for suggestions. I got a response from a nice guy that could get reconditioned tanks for $165 *with* a lifetime warranty! I got one, and, after reading in the Bentley how to change the tank, and talking to several VW folks about it, I decided to let a professional do it (thanks to Jeff at Jeff's Bug Shop in Bellaire, Texas). Now, I can drive her like she was meant to be driven!

Other things I've done to her: New Gas-Adjust strut inserts all the way around, four new injectors to replace four very leaky ones, a new battery, a new hood latch (it sure is fun trying to open your hood when the latch is broke!!), got the correct Rabbit gas cap and a new rear hatch lifter thingy. I replaced the bad thermo-temp switch in the radiator, but luckily didn't have to drain the whole system. The control pressure regulator is bad, and I'm on the lookout for a good used one.

These are the pictures the seller emailed to me:

And here are some current pictures that I have taken:

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