You've found Eunice, the 1973 Volkswagen Squareback (Variant). I bought this car for my wife on our 5th anniversary. She had been sore at me for selling her '78 Westy to finance the purchase of a 1978 Doublecab for me. So, I figured I would make it up to her by surprising her with her very own Squareback. I knew she would love it's uniqueness, and I was right. She immediately searched for a name for her car, one that would fit it's old, grandmotherly look. Eunice came up in discussion and immediately stuck.

The car is in OK overall shape. When I purchased the car, it had been lowered in the front. The first thing I did to the car was attempt to raise the front end. After raising the drivers side, I tried to raise the passenger side, but I couldn't remove the lower control arm. It looks like it had been welded on! So I had to buy a whole front end and swap them out. It was a long weekend, but I got it swapped and she looks and rides much better. The driver-side floor pan is almost nonexistant, and has been reinforced by a 3/8" thick steel sheet, with the seat mounts welded to it. There are no door seals, and I have only found a driver side seal, but I am waiting until I get both to replace them at the same time. I've replaced all the rear door seals. We've also got a new carpet set for her, but that has to wait to be installed until those door seals are fixed.

Update! I finally found some cheap brazillian door seals and installed those. I am impressed with the fit, I thought it was going to be much worse than it is. I finally got that carpet installed. I will be posting some pictures of the carpet and door seals soon.

Following are some general pictures of Eunice. Enjoy!

Here I am getting ready to replace a head due to a stripped out spark plug hole. Fun! Just getting started! Here you can see the old, bad head and the cruddy oil cooler. New head and oil cooler installed! oooh... Pretty... Completed engine, ready to be installed!

Last revised: December 30, 1999.

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