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These pictures were taken shortly after the purchase.

Tropical Storm Francis tried to take the wind out of Daisy's sails, but not successfully.

Here's a picture of the tree that got up close and personal with Daisy.

See if you can spot the bus in this picture!

Check out her new camping companion: a Westy side tent!

Here's some pictures from our trip to Northern California last year and the Vanagon Westy we rented.

Here's a really cool picture of Daisy and one of our cats, Tigger.

Here we are at the San Jacinto Monument and at the Battleship Texas

What our backyard looked like for a few months last year: A '76 Westy, a '78 Westy, and a '78 Double Cab.

OOOOH! Daisy is famous! Here she is in the August 1999 VW Trends Magazine. Can you spot her? It's a picture from Busses by the Arch #14. More pictures from BBTA #14 under the Events section.

Last revised: March 1, 2000.